Identification, Evaluation and Revival of the acoustic of Ancient Theaters and Odea

Proposal no: ICA3-2002-20015 under contract with the European Commission in INCOMED Programme


Erato focuses on the acoustics of ancient theatres in some Mediterranean Countries. In Jordan we have studied the South and North Theatres in Jerash, Jordan. The Jordanian team used manual surveying with a laser total station as well as a Mensi 3D laser scanner to get the 3D model of both theaters. Acoustic measurements were done at the southern theatre by the team from the Danish Technical University see the website for the analysis. We are currently involved in analysing the acoustic measurements that we have done at the northern theatre. Articles of importance to the architectural and acoustic concepts of ancient theatres were published by the Jordanian team. See articles below:


Vitruvius and Ancient Theaters

Relationship of Ancient Theaters with the Landscape and Society

Jordanian Project Team

  • Dr. Talal Akasheh Jordanian Scientific Officer
  • Dr. Naif Haddad
  • Dr. Munthir Jamhawi
  • Eng. Fawwaz Ishakat
  • Arch. Majdi Abu Obeid
  • Arch Huda Najjar