• Raising funds for projects by preparing project proposals
  • Culturally and environmentally sensitive modern landscaping for heritage sites
  • Organization of Local, and International Conferences, Workshops and training Sessions


  • Environmental impact studies
  • Land-use and land-use planning for the protection of the environment and the Cultural Heritage
  • Water and Waste-water treatment
  • Water management especially ancient water management systems
  • Implementing studies of weathering of monuments

Conservation and Resoration

  • Study and Conservation of the materials of ancient artefacts
  • Rehabilitation of sites and features for tourism
  • Cultural resource management of sites and historic collections
  • Restoration and maintenance of monuments
  • The conservation of ancient Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Landscapes
  • The restoration and rehabilitation of turn of the century houses

GIS, Geophysics and IT

  • Development of Archaeological Information Systems (Archaeological Geographic Systems), using modern technologies, including ordinary surveying, GPS and 3D laser scanning, as well as designing spatial archeological information systems and implementing them
  • Use of GIS for environmental studies
  • Use of 3D laser scanning for the documentation of Cultural Heritage Objects
  • Development of databases for the documentation of historic objects including ancient artefacts and monuments
  • Use of Ground Penetrating radar for the detection of buried archeological features or objects

Technical and Laboratory

  • Conducting non destructive analysis of the materials of ancient objects and monuments
  • The study of the Architecture of ancient monuments
  • Study of the acoustic Cultural Heritage in Ancient Theatres
  • Conducting archaeometric research on ancient artefacts especially ceramics
  • Setting up laboratories for the study of monuments and artefacts and their damage. Setting up laboratories for Conservation of artifacts

Education and Learning

  • Setting up teaching programs in Heritage and Tourism at the university level
  • Setting up training sessions in cultural heritage and implementing them
  • Capacity building in Cultural Resources Management, GIS and Documentation as well as many areas related to conservation of sites and artifacts