Work Packages

WP1: Management and Coordination

1.1 Steering and coordination of the partnership
1.2 Communication and Reporting to Joint Management Authority (JMA)
1.3 Establishment of data flow between partners
1.4 Administrative and financial monitoring
1.5 External evaluation and self-assessment


WP2: Communication
2.1 Design of joint communication and visibility plan
2.2 Visual identity development linked to the integrated strategy
2.3 Promotion and dissemination of project results, the Umayyad Itinerary


WP3: Capitalization of the Results
3.1 Design of an integrated strategy
3.2 Development of Local Action Plan (LAP) in each partner country within the Umayyad Itinerary


WP4: Stakeholders Capacity-Building
4.1 Identification and exchange of good practices


WP5: Design of Thematic Travel Packages
5.1 Analysis of cultural heritage tied to the Umayyad
5.2 Analysis of tourism infrastructure, supply chains and policies at each partner level:
constraints and opportunities for “off-season” offers
5.3 Launch of Cultural Itinerary of Umayyad: Cross-border Cooperation between Public Private Patnership (PPP).