Khirbet Khan Ez-Zabib

Khan Ez-Zabib was one of the Hijazi Railroad stations, located near Qatrana, 35km to the south of the capital Amman. The caravanserai is 18km southeast of Khirbet ez-Zona and 5 km east of the Desert Highway, and is well known as plainly Islamic. The materials and structures were the remains of a small late Roman town. Although now damaged, just beyond the northeast corner of Islamic caravanserai, the remains of a large rectangular structure may still be seen. It is dated to 712-737 AD. The fort or caravanserai function is unknown. Further doubt has now been cast that, as at Umm el-Walid, all of these structures are Umayyad. The mosque is rectangular in shape (11.20mx10.38m) and has two entrances from the north and east sides, with a recess at the southern wall. Qasr Al-Hammam is an ancient ruin located near Al `Amiriyah, and 7.5km from Khan Ez-Zabib.