Itinerary 8: The Petra Tour on the King’s Highway from Al-Karak

Starting from Al-Karak early enough one can continue on the Kings Highway to tour several interesting sites before getting to Petra. A late start might require sleeping at the Dana Lodge (RSCN). A special trip with bedouins could get the travellers to the Ancient Copper Mines at Finan. Walking the trail from Dana to Finan is also an option. The Crusaders Castle at As-Shobak is the next attraction. The prize is Petra. If anyone tries to convince you to visit Petra in one day, do not believe it. A minimum of two nights are really needed. This will give you the chance to visit Little or Mini Petra at Beida, Wadi Sabra, Aaron’s Tomb, and the Scenic views from At Taybbeh and Rajif. The next stop is to the Umayyad sites of Udhruh and Jarba followed by old Humaymah either directly on the Desert Highway, or through Ma’an where King Abdullah the first’s small Palace in the Hijaz Railway Station complex has been recently turned into a museum. Wadi Rum can also be visited where sleeping accommodations in the tourist camp are available. The final stop is in Aqaba (The Islamic City of Eil) to visit the Aqaba Citadel and have a nice swim and snorkel in the Red Sea. The return to Amman can be by bus or plane. There are also outbound flights to Europe.


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