Itinerary 6: The Madaba Region (several days)

A rich tour that starts from Amman and ends up in the Dead Sea. Many Umayyad sites south of the capital can be visited including Um Al-Rassas which is also the site of many ancient occupations. The tour starts with the Cave of Seven Sleepers (Ahl Al-Kahf) then Al Muwaqqar (water management), al Qastal where the earliest Umayyad Mosque is, and several other sites may be visited. The visit, includes Madaba Mosaic Church, Mount Nebo (Moses burial site), Mukawer (St Johns’s beheading), and the Bethany where Jesus was baptized. The hot springs of Ma’in and Zara are a special treat. Accommodation in Madaba is generally of lower cost than Amman. Some good maza and barbeque restaurants can be enjoyed. The Dead Sea has mud bath spas and a swim in its salty water is a lot of fun. Food there is also good but the hotels may be more expensive. For the young and hardy, trails and canyons of exceeding natural beauty are a special treat. RSCN takes care of Al-Mujib Natural Reserve in the area, and one needs a special permission to visit some of the sites. It should also be remembered that RSCN provides accommodations at Al Mujib Lodge. The wadis (valleys) that are of interest in this area are AlMujib, Zarqa Ma’in, Al-Walah, Al-Hidan, Mukheiris. See the website for details.

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