Itinerary 4 :The Northern Sites with emphasis on Muslim Shrines (Several days)

Although only Jerash has Umayyad remains in this tour, the itinerary complements other Umayyad tours by taking pious Muslims and history enthusiast, especially those who pass for Hajj through Jordan, to visit a very large number of shrines and historic sites. Of these emphasis must be placed on Tabaqat Fahl (with various historic occupations), one of the ten Decapolis cities and site of a famous battle between Islam and Byzantium, as well as the site of the Yarmouk Battle. The tourists can enjoy a hotel stay at the Hammah Hot Springs and visit another Decapolis city (Um Qeis) that has a beautiful view overlooking Lake Tiberis and a scenic forest. A very nice restaurant that overlooks the view could be used for either breakfast or lunch. On the way back, a visit to the Saraya Museum (the site of an Ottoman prison) in Irbid could be made, and another meal could be arranged in Jerash before returning to Amman.


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