Itinerary 10 and 11: Petra to Aqaba and the Dead Sea

This itinerary covers all the sites previously mentioned and can be two way in the sense it can start in Petra down to Aqaba followed by a trip along the Wadi Araba Highway to Finan and then the Dead Sea. Alternatively, one could start from Aqaba and visit sites along the way to Petra. From Petra a scenic road North of Little Petra (Beida) leads to the Wadi Araba Road where Finan can be visited. The back trip is especially useful to tourists who arrive in Aqaba by plane or on special cruises that allow for a day visit to Petra only. It is hoped that this itinerary would discourage this and allow for more days in the South. Another option for the trip starting in Aqaba is shown as Itinerary 11. It is also important to realize that a Cruise arrangement can be made to visit Umayyad sites in the seven partner countries. Syria and Palestine could be included later. The Jordanian Partner, Cultech has suggested a cruise trip between partner countries to visit some of their Umayyad sites.



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