Objectives of the Organization

To promote enhance and develop the protection of the Cultural Heritage and the Environment in Jordan and the Middle East region by implementing various projects that may include archaeological exploration, conservation, restoration, assessment of harm and damage to monuments and artefacts, risk assessment, cultural resource management, tourism, and environmental and cultural heritage impact assessment of development projects, including tourism.


How do we operate:

As a group we form a collective experience that is of great value empowering us to:

  1. We are a non profit organization that can cooperate with various NGOs and government authorities to achieve our activities
  2. Prepare proposals for projects in the above areas.
  3. Implement projects of a nature that enhances our goals
  4. We rely mostly on our own expertise but we have access to a large number of National and International experts to help in the development of project ideas and implement projects.

Our collective experiences in the above areas include (apart from teaching in universities)